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An Atlanta native, Bill Westlake, is a lung cancer patient who was diagnosed in July 2017 after going in for a routine physical check-up. Being a non-smoker and living an extremely active and healthy lifestyle, Bill and his family were devastated when his primary care physician found his tumor via chest x-ray; Bill was later found to have a specific mutation in the anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) gene, making him a candidate for one of the several new targeted therapies that places his cancer into a quiet state. After two years later, Bill is able to continue all daily life activities involving his three teenage daughters, work, exercise, and travel.

Bill is looking toward the future, with hope made possible due to the rapid development of new treatments of the past few years. “When first diagnosed I was given 8-10 months to live. Because of targeted therapy, I’m surpassing that prediction and plan to add months, if not years, to spend more quality time with my wife, family, and friends."

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Bill and his wife, Renee Westlake, founded Lucky for Lungs to enable continuous funding for lung cancer research.  On behalf of Bill and his family, thank you for participating in this fundraiser!

Lung cancer is the #1 killer in the world. 

Lung Cancer receives the least government funding for research. Lung cancer kills more people than breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney, and melanoma cancers COMBINED. Think only smokers get lung cancer? Nearly 60% of those diagnosed with lung cancer are people who have never smoked or are former smokers. Lung cancer surpassed breast cancer as the #1 cancer killer for women in 1987. Anyone can get lung cancer.

With your participation and fundraising efforts, you are helping to change these statistics and to transform the future of lung cancer. Thank you!!


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Proceeds benefit GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer ALK Positive-focused research.  More research for ALK Positive can help all lung cancer patients worldwide!