In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory of Maureen Gibbons

Maureen "Bean" Gibbons


Maureen was a beloved wife, daughter, sister, aunt, nurse, leader and friend to many. No one tribute can do her justice. She was wise, compassionate, and driven to find and live her purpose. Those who love her and celebrate her remember her infectious smile, her radiant belly-laugh, and how she effortlessly encouraged those around her to pursue their dreams and live courageously. 

One of her friends said in a post on her Facebook “You, so genuine and steady, quick to laugh but never insincerely. I don’t think I can say enough how disarming your authenticity was -I mean that in the best of ways. You were so soothing to be around because there was only kindness but also no bullshit. That feels rare.”

Maureen’s authenticity was disarming. Her very presence was therapeutic. She had the ability to make you feel like you mattered most in the world even amid her most epic battles. She recognized that life, while not always fair or easy, was meant to be lived joyfully and with humor, humility, and hope. It is our turn to take up her example, and by doing so pay homage to a very remarkable and beautiful life. This world could use a few more “Beans” walking around spreading light, love, and acceptance. This was her purpose. She lived it every day effortlessly and unknowingly. Blessed and grateful are those of us who knew her, learned from her, and were loved by her.

With love, 

The Gibbons & Bole families



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