In Loving Memory

Tam's Earth Angels

Thank you for joining this year's fundraiser. This year I am planning a scavenger hunt based on Tam's favorite things.  You do not need to have known Tam so please forward and share this fundraiser.  A $6 donation will get you the ground rules for the game, the clues and access to the picture uploading website.

If you wish to partcipate in the scavenger hunt please donate $6 and become a member of my team. Anyone who joins my team will automatically be sent rules, clues and website access. Don't worry, you will have the opportunity to donate more if you wish during the game. Don't forget to include your email!

If you just want to donate you are welcome donate any amount you wish.

Why $6 to play?
Tam's bday 6/2/62
Tam's angelversary 11/6/20, 6 years
Scavenger hunt idea about 6 months ago
Game Day 6/6

Thank you for your continuted support for the lung cancer community.


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If you would like to make an offline donation in support of this individual, please click HERE to generate a donation form.

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