Frequently Asked Questions

What's the first step if I want to plan a Shine a Light Your Way?
The first step is to identify what type of fundraiser or event you'd like to organize or participate in. There are six categories: Athletic Events, Inspired by You, School & Workplace Events, Milestones, Go to the Extreme and Honor a Loved One. Once you identify what type of Shine a Light you’d like to hold, select “Start Fundraising” if you are an individual fundraising and “Create an Event” if you are organizing an event that others can sign up and fundraise for! 

Can I host any type of event?
Yes! Be creative and organize an event that is most interesting and fun to you!

What if I'm having trouble coming up with a fundraiser?
We have a list of Shine a Light Your Way ideas. Check out our How to Guide for many fun events and personal fundraisers!

Do I have to host my event in November?
No. You can host your event any time of the year.

Can a group or organization host a Shine a Light Your Way?
Yes! A group or organization can collectively host an event. We suggest creating an event page if many attendees will be registering for the event or if a group of people intend to individually fundraise for the same event.

Can I participate in an existing event and still fundraise through Shine a Light Your Way?
Yes! You can participate in any existing event of your choice (a 5k, triathlon, ½ marathon, dance competition, you name it!) and still set up a personal fundraising page by selecting “Start Fundraising.”

I am a medical professional—can my healthcare facility host a Shine a Light Your Way event?
Events hosted by healthcare facilities should be part of our Shine a Light on Lung Cancer program. Click here for more information.

Where does the money go?
All money donated to Lung Cancer Alliance is used effectively and efficiently to accomplish our mission. As the leading and highest rated lung cancer nonprofit in the country, you can be confident that every dollar provided to us is used to further our lifesaving mission.

What support does LCA provide for Shine a Light Your Way?
We will send you a Shine a Light kit to help make your event a success. The kit will include bracelets, flashlights, educational materials and more. You can also download important resources from the Shine a Light Your Way confirmation e-mail that will be sent your way! These resources will include a sponsorship letter template to solicit donations, an event flyer template, proceeds benefit LCA logo, social media tips and more.

What are the main components of a Shine a Light Your Way event?
Shine a Light Your Way is YOUR vision! We want you to make your event come to life. Your event should be fun, engaging and unique. It can be special to incorporate a moment to celebrate the lives of lung cancer survivors and to remember those lost, when appropriate. We also encourage you to share the LCA mission and our materials to educate your community on lung cancer and how we make a difference!

Can a Shine a Light Your Way fundraiser/event be ongoing?
Yes! Any individual can set up a personal fundraiser for an extended period of time. If you’re hosting an event, although the majority of donations may be collected at the time of your event, you can continue to collect donations through your Shine a Light event page all year long.

How much time does it take to plan a Shine a Light Your Way?
The planning process can vary greatly depending on your fundraiser and the detail involved. Your event can be as complex and large as you hope to make it! We value every effort from a bake sale to a benefit concert.

How can I advertise my Shine a Light?
After registering your event, you’ll receive a template event flyer. Check out the community outreach tips and social media tips in our How to Guide.

My loved one has passed away and I want to create a page in their memory. Is there a way to do this through Shine a Light Your Way?
Yes. You can create a page in honor or in memory of a loved one here.

Once I hold my Shine a Light Your Way, where can offline donations be sent?
Checks should be made payable to: “Lung Cancer Alliance” and mailed to:

Lung Cancer Alliance
Attn: Shine a Light Your Way
1700 K Street NW, Ste. 660
Washington, D.C. 20006

Will donors receive receipts? Are donations tax-deductible?
Any donor who makes a donation through your Shine a Light Your Way fundraising page will receive a receipt for their gift. All donations are tax-deductible.

What information do I need to ask a business for a donation?
If you’re reaching out to local businesses for in-kind donations for your event, you can personalize the “Sample Sponsorship Request Letter.” Personalizing your letter with your story and event details, allows the business to know what your ask is and that you’re fundraising as a volunteer on behalf of Lung Cancer Alliance. LCA’s Tax ID number is included. If a business asks for further documentation or information, please reach out to Maggie at 202.742.1893 or

How can I find an event near me if I don’t want to host an event?
Map coming soon to find an event near you!